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Production Quality: 5
Broadcast Quality: SD/HD
Camera Setup: 3+
Ticket Price: Pay what you can
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I would first like to say thank you all for making the last show such a success! Can't wait to get out to Winnipeg, Canada, to play a show for Deborah and her family in their living room!! (or kitchen... hopefully they wont make me play in the snow covered back yard, but hey, they won and they call the shots, so it's up to them! ;) The way everything played out was very unexpected, (but amazing!) because I was able to include not only the top tipper, but the second and third place tippers as well! So in addition to my first ever show in Winnipeg, I'll be playing a show in Germany for an awesome group of fans I can't wait to see again, and for a very special fan in Connecticut as well next time I'm out that way! I'm really looking forward to getting to hang out with everyone a bit more than just a "howdy, and thanks for coming" after the show. In the lead up to this last show, It seemed like there was a lot of excitement and anticipation because of the new and kinda of crazy prize and that was really fun for me. So with that on my brain I was really trying to think of something that would be similarly fun for the next one, and I think I have just the thing. ;)

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Primary Genre: Folk

Description: Since releasing his debut album in 2006, Jason has been working hard to find his niche in the music industry. This self-titled album rose to the top of's best seller list in its first week and has returned multiple times. In April of 2010 Jason released his second studio album titled Soul and he is currently working on recording his next studio album. His music has been met exceptionally well by fans in both America and Europe. With such a fast and rapidly expanding fan base it is no wonder his recent shows in England and Germany have been to sold-out crowds. Jason is truly living the Hollywood Dream.

Official Site:

Twitter: @jasonmanns


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Production Quality: 5

Rating: 5.00

Description: A pioneer in the emerging DIY online concert venue world. A wonderfully simple sign-up/setup process allows artists in all levels and genres to broadcast LIVE performances directly from their laptop from the comfort of their own home or studio. Average admission is about $4.00 for a 60 minute show, which an artist can extend up to 30 minutes if they want to perform an encore. Many artists offer Pay-What-You-Can admission to their shows (awesome!). A Tip Jar allows you to feel the stoke of directly supporting artists who inspire and entertain you. Show quality varies depending upon camera quality and production experience that each artist possess. Despite the wide range of broadcast quality Stage-it consistently delivers authentic performances and intimacy. Don’t be surprised to find out that other performers are in the chat stream audience with you. Check out a show and feel free to submit a review.

Official Site:

Twitter: @stageit


Jason Manns

@ Stageit

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