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Production Quality: 5
Broadcast Quality: HD
Camera Setup: 3+
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Garland Jeffreys performing live at The Hamilton in Washington D.C.

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Artist Info

Primary Genre: World

Description: Garland Jeffreys is a part African-American, and Puerto Rican American, singer and songwriter, transversing the musical genres of rock and roll, reggae, blues and soul.

Official Site:

Twitter: @garlandjeffreys


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Source Info

Production Quality: 5

Rating: 4.50

Description: Located just two blocks from the White House, the District's newest destination for envelope-pushing, visionary music and talent defies convention, much like Alexander Hamilton himself. The Hamilton is charmed by a bohemian spirit yielding a new, thriving, artistic underground within its dining rooms and bars that both celebrate nature and pay homage to winged vocalists.

Official Site:

Twitter: @thehamiltondc


Garland Jeffreys

@ The Hamilton

200 attending

-1038d -9h -43m

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