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Production Quality: 5
Broadcast Quality: SD/HD
Camera Setup: 3+
Ticket Price: Pay what you can
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We love touring and hanging out with you all SO MUCH we decided to give this a go. If it goes well guess what - we'll do it again! For our first show we're going to play Side A of our debut album, Eat My Heart Out (2004 Lookout/Panic Button Records) AND a few random bonus songs if we have some time left after chatting it up with you guys. This record is near and dear to our hearts so it'll be awesome playing these songs for y'all in the same way most of them were written - on acoustic guitars. The performance will be me and Luis in my living room, drinking tea or beer or Gummi Berry Juice. I'm sure Quito our dog will make an appearance, and Bella the kitty might even show up if Her Highness decides to get up off the bed to say hello! Here's the set list so you can get ready! *Kick Me to the Curb *Love You Most *Jackie Chan *Wreckage *Feed Me, Pet Me *Penny *Goodnight Tonight *mystery bonus track *mystery bonus track *mystery bonus track Oh and it's really tricky to pick a time that works for all the lovely people in Europe AND the US so the times of these shows will vary. If it's not a great time for you make that "Dr. appointment" now so you can sneak out of wherever you are to watch!

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Primary Genre: Rock

Description: The Dollyrots are an American pop punk band composed of Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas. They have released four studio albums and are currently under their own label Arrested Youth.

Official Site:

Twitter: @TheDollyrots


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Production Quality: 5

Rating: 5.00

Description: A pioneer in the emerging DIY online concert venue world. A wonderfully simple sign-up/setup process allows artists in all levels and genres to broadcast LIVE performances directly from their laptop from the comfort of their own home or studio. Average admission is about $4.00 for a 60 minute show, which an artist can extend up to 30 minutes if they want to perform an encore. Many artists offer Pay-What-You-Can admission to their shows (awesome!). A Tip Jar allows you to feel the stoke of directly supporting artists who inspire and entertain you. Show quality varies depending upon camera quality and production experience that each artist possess. Despite the wide range of broadcast quality Stage-it consistently delivers authentic performances and intimacy. Don’t be surprised to find out that other performers are in the chat stream audience with you. Check out a show and feel free to submit a review.

Official Site:

Twitter: @stageit


The Dollyrots

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