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Production Quality: 4
Broadcast Quality: HD
Camera Setup: 3+
Ticket Price: FREE
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Streaming Cafe is proud to present Ricardo Khayatte of The Reckoners & Derek Kehler of Steel Audrey - Saturday, January 26th - live streaming on the official Livestream channel for Streaming Cafe.

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Primary Genre: Rock

Description: The Reckoners was formed in 2011 by five aspiring musicians in Orange County. Their purpose is to rock the soul, heart, and mind of every one that experiences their music. Their passion for music seeps through every note that they play. They currently play covers from artist that they love and know that audiences enjoy. Their goal is to compose original music and share it with as many people as possible!

Official Site:



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Source Info

Production Quality: 4

Rating: 4.00

Description: Streaming Cafe is a Cafe in Kelowna, BC is passionate about hand-crafted coffee, music and arts. Since 2009, Streaming Cafe has been streaming live music events from their cafe and has created a haven for independent artists to hone their crafts.

Official Site:

Twitter: @streamingcafe


The Reckoners

@ Streaming Cafe

100 attending

-1039d -14h -26m

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